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head pastry chef

Monsieur JE... L...

Informations personnelles publiques:
Date de naissance : 1979-02-25
Situation de famille : Célibataire

Code CV : 3793d2d839e6623c
Date de dernière connexion : 2011-08-30

Situation actuelle:
Fonction actuelle :
Secteur d'activité actuel :
Expérience Totale :

Poste recherché:
Type de contrat souhaité: CDI
Fonctions: head pastry chef, ,
Secteur d'activité: , ,
Date de début de la disponibilité: one week notice
Salaire souhaité:

Etudes :
Type d'études Diplômes :
Autres Formations :

2005: BTM: Master in pastry and chocolate skills, CFA of Groisy (Haute-Savoie) France

2003: CAP (Catering Diploma) chocolate-confectioner, CFA of Groisy (Haute-Savoie)

2002: CAP Pastry-Chocolate-Ice making-Confectioner, CFA of Groisy (Haute-Savoie)

1999: DEUG (university diploma) in music, University of Rennes 2.

1997: Baccalauréat science, Lycée of « La Mennais » (Ploërmel, 56)

lues écrites parlées : english, french
comprises :

Secteur géographique:
Ville: , Département: Mobile, Région: Mobile, Pays: Hongrie

CV :

Monsieur JE... L...

Personal statement
I am a fully qualified and experienced head pastry-chef. I have 8 years experience of working to a high professional standard both as a team leader and also providing motivation as part of a team in a pastry and chocolate shop and restaurant. I have good organizational skills and excellent time management. I enjoy facing challenges and meeting targets. I look forward to being involved in environment using my skills and experience.

Work experience
February 2009: Head Pastry-chef “Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s”, one star Michelin Restaurant in London.
• In charge off the patisserie section in this fine dining restaurant

December 2008 – February 2009: Chef pâtissier at the Drakes restaurant Brighton (UK)
2007 – December 2008: Chef Pâtissier-chocolatier at La Fourchette Pâtisserie Hove (UK)
• In charge off all sections
• Creation and production of sweets and gateaux
• Coordination of the work of others pastry-chefs and trainees
• Production of traditional French bread and viennoiseries

2006 – 2007: Chef Pâtissier-chocolatier at the “Pécher Mignon” (Annecy, France)
As above

2006 : Pastry-chef
• in charge of the pastry section in a fine dining restaurant
creation desserts on plate

2005 – 2006: Pastry and chocolate chef (France, Switzerland)
Several experiences as pastry-chef

2003 – 2005:  Pastry-chocolate chef « FIDELE BERGER » (Annecy, France)
  Formation BTM (Diploma in Technician skills)
• Assist the head pastry-chef in all his charges
• Skill in sugar work, under all different forms

2002 – 2003:  Chocolate trainee chef « FIDELE BERGER » (Annecy)
• Elaboration of a range of 40 chocolate sweets
• Skill in making different chocolates’ ganache, pralines, almond paste etc.
• Creation of artistic pieces

2001 – 2002: Pastry chef trainee Baker’s and Pastry’s shop (La Giettaz, France)
• Skill in Traditional French bread


French, English
Interest: violin, philosophy
Full driving license

Lettre de candidature

Monsieur JE... L...

Head pastry chef / [patissier]

Dear Madam, Sir,

I am currently in charge of the production of all pastries, chocolates, cakes, bread in “Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s”, a fine dining, Michelin star restaurant in London. In order to progress in my career, I would be very interested to invest myself in your company.
 I have a lot of experience in the management of a pastry’s and chocolate’s kitchen. I have led a team and have developed my creative talents as well as my skills in tasting and decorating. I am also used to ensuring that projects are profitable.
I am now particularly interested in moving to Budapest and invest myself in a challenging environment.
 I enclose my CV for your information.

Yours sincerely,

Monsieur JE... L...

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